Renting Your Very First Storage Unit

October 25, 2012

When it comes to dealing with the problem of space, many people look at renting their first storage unit. Before you begin the process, take some time to decide what your needs are. For example, decide what you need to keep and the possessions you can part ways with. While this may be difficult, it can make the process simpler and save you money. Regardless if you need to store a few boxes or entire rooms, there’s a solution for you.

Short Term Self Storage
Short term self-storage has become a popular option for many. There is flexibility, ease of use and a secure environment. Climate control protects against environmental damages and helps with rodent control. In addition, you can choose the size of your locker which can range from a hundred feet to even a thousand if you need it. You will be responsible for bringing your belongings there, thus, you can organize them as you wish. Since you will be locking up the unit, no one else will have access to it, and you can come and go as you please. Self-storage units are rented month to month and offer the options of upgrading or downgrading according to your needs.

Storage Unit(Credit to suburbansurvivalblog.com)

Long Term Conventional Storage
If there are some possessions you cannot part with, this option provides a more permanent solution. The staff will assist with the process of arranging and maintenance. Therefore, you have the peace of mind knowing such things as furniture, electronics, and delicate items are handled properly. With this arrangement, you will also have to sign a long-term lease. This will provide a savings compared to the month to month option of self-storage.

Records Storage
During the course of running your business, you may have to keep and maintain a considerable amount of records. It may be time to rent a storage unit that is specially built to accommodate your needs. Just like conventional units, climate control is provided along with rack space for ease of use. All access controls and security is the same, and pickup from your office location can be arranged eliminating the need for moving equipment. Even on-site document destruction can be provided for an additional cost making maintenance simple. Make sure the security protocol of the facility matches the sensitivity of your documents.

It is important to do your homework when selecting the right storage facility. Compare rates and any incentives offered. Talk with staff about your needs, and don’t just consider floor space, but look at vertical space as well. Make sure the proper security protocols are in place. If you require frequent access, consider the distance from your home or office.

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